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Banjax's News

Posted by Banjax - September 2nd, 2007

I'm so excited about front page! I've wanted a spot there for a long time!
Flight of the Stallion

Things have been going really well lately. Getting something out of work really does wonders for the moral. Gives you a boost for the next project.
Speaking of which I really want to have something for Madness day. I was going to release a limited version of the RPG game I've been working on in the form of a Madness game, but I don't think I'm going to have enough time around the uni projects I've got running. This sucks as I've always been a fan of the series, it would be nice to pay it homage. Always next year I guess...

I'm going to be buying a drawing tablet sometime this month (Waiting for stock :S). I have been wanting to switch to a tablet for sometime now. It's got the potential to be so much faster and more fluid than the old illustrator flash import thing.
Some frame by frame stuff will be in order when that happens!

For anyone that wants some inspirational food heres a cool flash website:

Thanks again for the front page NG, mighty chuffed (Damn 'Chuffed' is a great word no?)

Posted by Banjax - July 18th, 2007

The new layout has inspired me to post an update!
I haven't really been active on Newgrounds for over a year, with uni and fun in the real world I haven't had the time.
That's not to say I haven't been playing around in flash though. For the last year I have learnt how to actionscript and have chosen to follow a digital media major for my degree.

I have a few rather large projects on the verge of completetion which I plan to unleash on the world very soon.

These include:
- A Wiggi-world game
- A mythologial animation I made for my digital class.
- A huge RPG game. I have spent almost 2 years on this baby, it's still a wee way off.

Watch this space!