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Hey Kiwi!

I've always loved this movie. Good stuff.
Everything is super. The lack of story just make the clips all the more intriguing!

Nice to see a fellow New Zealander doing so well!
Can't wait to see what you do next... :)

What are you, 12?

It wasn't funny.
The timing was horrible.
Their limbs were barely attached and gravity didn't seem to exist.

It pretty much lacked quality all round..

Perhaps next time pay more attention to detail and come up with something remotely original. Research some decent animation.


I'm glad you mentioned this in your comment to my profile post!
This is a great example of a well rounded animation.
A full and complete story which, although simple, you told in an interesting and entertaining way.
The character design was awesome. His mumbled language was just classic.
Backgrounds were well done and consistant.
Sound and music suited flash well.
You've well and truely inspired me to buy a tablet.

CatFat responds:

Wow, thanks please PM me when your next tablet flash comes out! i would gladly support you! :)

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Nice work

The game is simple, but well resolved.
I found the controls a wee bit frustrating at first, but they just need getting used to.
The animation had a nice rhythm to it. The dragon and the petal effects look especially good. The bad spirits could have been more interesting and perhaps some more exciting hit effects could look nice.
But all in all, a job well done. Keep it up :)

Very nice

Ha ended up reasonably similar to my entry. Really nice job, I enjoyed it. Good luck with the contest.

Chris responds:

Ha ha yeah, in fact when I saw your game in the portal yesterday morning I was worried we'd made the same game and you'd beaten me to the portal.

Good luck with the contest, sir. :)

Ha ha

Really fun game you have created - strangely addictive.
Great choice of music too :P

Wade will be proud :D

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